BRAUSSE TC Series Folder Gluer especially
for Corrugated Box

TC3200 Shown

TC3200 Shown



Feeder section

  • Vacuum Feeding System.

  • NC motor with variable frequency speed control.

  • Two motorized side guides for easy movement.



  • Two carrier alignment sections ensuring perfect registration of the blanks.

  • Motorized carriers are laterally moved via push buttons.

  • Upper carriers can be pneumatically lifted for different thickness of corrugated board.


gluing section

  • Optional electronic extrusion gluing system is required; configurations depend on box layout to be processed.


trombone SECTION

  • Motorized telescopic upper and lower trombone arms to suit various box configurations.

  • Jam-detection system.

  • Pneumatic front stoppers with sensor to eliminate fish tailing.


delivery section

  • Integrated box stream regulator ensures precise and consistent box spacing.

  • Rear stack corrector device to perfectly align and square RSC type boxes.

  • Pneumatic compression system for perfect gluing performance.


Feeder Section

  • Two modes on servo feeder:

    1. Continuously variable mechanism mode.

    2. Cynchronous feeder mode.

  • Feeder gate is controlled by two side motors for easy operation.

Alignment Section

  • Products leaving feeder section can be straightened to ensure feeding accuracy; Motorized carriers are adjustable left and right.

  • Upper carrier moves up and down via pneumatic system to accommodate various stock thickness.

First Fold and Second Fold

  • First Fold and Second Fold are ideal for special shaped boxes as well as back folding functions, upgradeable to 4/6 corner back folding system.

Gluing Section

  • Electronic gluing system is a must.

Final Fold Section

  • Left and right carrier belts can be individually adjusted to straighten stocks.

  • Pressure wheels to ensure accurate folding of boxes.

Trombone Section

  • Adjustable side bars on upper & lower carriers motorized for front & back movement.

  • Jam-detection system.

  • Cylinder-type stopper with photocells to reduce fish tailing.

Delivery Section

  • Double positioning design, stopper/presser reduce fish tailing.