Why choose Brausse?

Widely reconized as the World's leading manufacturer for the converting industry we are respresented on all 6 continents by a superior network of Dealers and factory trained technicians.  We have been supplying converting equipment to many different industries for over 30 years.  Many of our original installations are still in commercial use.

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Product line  Recommended for Commercial Printers


For Short Run Diecutting & Creasing


PE402/50 Picture


PE102/50 Header

PE102 Header

PE102 PIcture


For Short Run Diecutting, Creasing, Foil Stamping & Embossing

PE402/50F Header

PE402/50F Picture

PE202/50F Header

PE202/50F Picture

PE102/50F Header

PE102/50F Picture



For long run, automatic, large format Diecutting, Creasing, Foilstamping & Embossing

1050SE Picture


1050EFCA Picture


For Commercial Printer invovled foldind/packaging business

TA Series Picture



IADD The International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking offers a variety of educational products to enhance your diemaking, diecutting or converting operations.


FSEASince its inception in 1992, the FSEA has worked toward industry awareness and growth....


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